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Kansans, beware! Kansas Strong (KS), yet another industry funded cog in it’s disinformation machine, is not being honest about fracking.

snake oilIn a recently released video, Dick Schremmer, one of the Kansas Strong Board of Directors—and President of Bear Petroleum, Inc.—states: “There is a big stir about fracking, but we’ve been fracking in Kansas since 1947 and we’ve never had a case of water pollution and no place else in the United States that has ever fracked oil has had a legitimate complaint about water pollution.”

Aside from the fact that unconventional drilling—sending out horizontal bores after drilling the vertical bore into the strata being fracked—has been employed in fracking for less than a decade, it’s just not true that there are no “legitimate” complaints.

The first documented case of environmental damage dates to 1987, and significant other evidence substantiates the legitimacy of the complaints. Most have been covered up, principally through settlements that required the injured parties to sign non-disclosure agreements.

Some were covered up through challenges to the findings of investigations, like the problems in Dimock, PA, and political pressure on the EPA to drop their investigation.

On careful reading of the Cabot Oil & Gas’ challenge to findings that fracking caused methane to migrate into the water supply, it also becomes clear that Cabot’s own “scientists” admitted that thermogenic gas—the kind found in the shale being fracked—was present, and their hirelings just tried to dismiss it as being irrelevant.

There are in fact few in the industry who are willing to be honest about fracking, and their tactics are appalling. Curiously, one among those who are inclined to be honest include George Mitchell, the man who developed the process of fracking.

The issues related to fracking are not confined solely to the potential for environmental damage related to drilling. The most serious relate to accidental discharges into surface water, and intentional disposal of toxic chemical laced waste water, and highly radioactive waste—both solid and and liquid—by unscrupulous drillers and their contractors.

Other problems in addition to these are documented on FracTracker, and reported on daily on the No Fracking Way! Facebook group. Kansans would be well advised to keep pace with the mounting body of evidence related to the dangers of fracking by visiting these Web sites, and telling KS to frack off!

Other recommended resources include: Snake Oil: How Fracking’s False Promise of Plenty Imperils Our Future, an investigation into the myth of energy independence and economic claims made by the oil and gas industry; and Phelimites and Other Gasholes, a Facebook page devoted to exposing the industry lies, and presenting the latest news and reports on the truth behind the veil of deceit used by the industry.