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September 16, 1810. Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, a Roman Catholic priest, raises the “grito,” the pronunciamiento of the Mexican War of Independence.

Recently, I have read a lot of sheer nonsense about Bernie Sanders’ revolution based on a lot of Hopey-Hopeyness—and devoid of political reality. We heard the same kind of dribble about the “Occupy” movement—which accomplished only a slightly less deleterious outcome in 2010 than Sanders did with his revolution.

Poorly informed, self-centered, liberal cynics do not a revolution make. The “autonomous” movements redressing racial tensions and other on-going issues aside, the setback to the progressive movement due to Sanders and his horde of “gimme what I want, or else” cynics will take a decade to correct back to the point prior to the 2016 election—and untold election cycles thereafter to overcome.

Progressive politics requires a pragmatic mindset, the ability to accept that progress comes slowly—and only through acceptance that give and take are inseparable. As Martin Luther King put it, “Change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability, but comes through continuous struggle.”

Progress will be made only through an evolution of humanity’s sensibilities, not through revolution, which must be sudden, and violent. Even if Bernie’s “revolutionaries” took up arms, they would be less effective than Miguel Hidalgo’s “Grito.” Trump’s presidency would have to be much worse than anyone imagines before the middle class follows Sanders’ grito.

Worse yet, successful revolutions have seldom resulted in meeting the Revolutionary’s expectations. Don’t for a moment declare the US an exception. Serious violence erupted during the ratification process after 1787, and we had an even more serious disagreement erupt in 1861.

Anyone who is serious about affecting “change” should first learn enough about history and politics to realize that the change they seek cannot be attained by “punishing” those who stand with them for that change—but support another candidate they believe more capable of bringing that change about. Sigh, if only people did not have to be rational beings to serve their best interests when they participate in politics.